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FIRE Yourself First is all about using what you have, do and know to create a life of freedom (financial and otherwise). FIRE is the acronym for Financial Independence Retire Early. Although the podcast isn't specifically about early retirement, it gets people thinking about what they want their lives to feel like and how they can reach those goals sooner.

Topics we cover

We love guests that have stories about interesting ways to make money (i.e. one of our most popular episodes was with a woman who experimented with selling pictures of her feet online!). Inspiring stories of overcoming something to create a life you love; Money tips and tricks, life hacks; personal empowerment; escaping the 'norm' and personal freedom.

Our Listeners

Our audience is 90% North American (fairly even split between Canada and the US). They are curious about novel opportunities to make their lives easier - whether it's ways to make more money, save money/time, reduce stress and create lives they don't need a vacation from.

Show Format

Episodes are approximately 25-60 minutes long. The show is more conversational than a formal interview, so connection with the host is very important for us and the listeners. The show is very much like a conversation between friends that we invite others to listen to.

Benefits of Guesting

FIRE Yourself First just celebrated its first anniversary and continues to grow. The show is recorded on zoom. You will receive a copy of graphics and video clips that you can use in promoting the episode and all the brilliance you've shared on the show.

Still interested?

If you feel like you'd be a great guest on the show, please fill out the following form to let us know more about you and what you’d like to offer our listeners.