Meet Wendy

Wendy Verwey spent nearly 20 years in the corporate world, helping teams figure out their goals and how to achieve them.

She applied these same business strategies to her own life and retired at 41, as a single mom.

Unemployable on purpose, Wendy now teaches others how to use what they already love to create lives they don't need a vacation from.

Wendy's Story

When Life Becomes a Country Song, You Can Drown Your Sorrows or Learn To Two-Step...





✓ Wife

✓ Mom

✓ Career

✓ House in the Country

✓ Life is good-ish

✓ Divorce

✓ Single Mom

✓ Dad, Father-in-law and DOG die

✓ Burnt out at work

✓ Life is a country song

✓ Full Marie Kondo Tidy Up of LIFE

✓ Learned to invest

✓ Learned to invest

✓ ​Life is SIMPLER

Spinal Surgery

✓ Created new income streams

HEALTHIER than ever

✓ ​RETIRED at 41!

✓ ​Life is FREE!

2021 and beyond...

​Multiple income streams that don't feel like work

Teaching others how to create freedom in their lives

​Life is better than imagined!

I Believe You Can

Retire Early and Often!

◆ Money is a TOOL to create the life you want

◆ You don't have to wait until you're retired to LIVE your life

◆ The Jones' are up to their eyeballs in debt - stop trying to keep up with them

◆ Reaching your goals has more to do with priorities than luck

◆ To live a life most people only dream about, you have to do what most people won't

◆ The journey toward your dream life should be FUN!

Create A Rich Life

BEFORE You're Rich!

Seriously, you don't need a degree in Finance, to come from a wealthy family or to struggle at a soulless job until you're 65 to have a life you love!
I'm a single mom who wanted less anxiety and more joy for myself and my kids.

If I can create a life I love, so can you!

Create a LIFE, not just a living...

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